How to create a bilingual world

Recently the question came up again and again how I realized bilingualism in the World of Darkness. Although the answer is actually quite simple, I decided to write down the steps here in a tutorial. I hope the tutorial is helpful. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments.

Step 1: Create groups

To create the corresponding group you have to go to "Settings & Tools" and select Access and then "Subscriber Groups". There you can create your groups. Each language needs its own group. Don't forget to check the box that allows your readers to subscribe themselves to the group. Leave the page with the group overview still open, it is still needed.

Step 2: Allow users to select their language

In the next step we will create a way for readers to choose their language. For this, however, we need a few clarifying words beforehand so that nobody has false expectations.

  1. This selection only works if the reader is also logged in, which is why we hide the window from users who are logged out
  2. Without this selection, the articles will be pretty empty later, because we only add content for logged out and the subscribers. Therefore the selection window must appear automatically in every article. In this case I will solve this via Global Article Announcements
  3. Subscriber groups cannot be nested, so if you have more groups, you have to create them for two languages

To realize the language selection, I rely on a container already built into Worldanvil, namely [aloud], but in general it can be realized with any container. In the End it should look like you can see in the sidebar.

And this is the code to do it:


[p][center]Please choose your language - Bitte wähle deine Sprache[/center][/p]






To make the whole thing visible to logged-in users only, I use [userstate:loggedin] before I put it into the Global Article Content Box. This will make it visible to logged-in users in every article at the top of the sidebar.

Step 3: The articles

The last and probably most labor-intensive step is to write the corresponding articles. Within the articles I use 3 sections: Logged out, English and German, where the contents for logged out and English are identical. To do this, you simply insert something into each field you use in the article, which is similar to this structure:

[userstate:loggedout] [/userstate]
[subcontainer:67d45a8c-29ff-4d52-b824-4fa985ca9e16]English content[/subcontainer]
[subcontainer:ca421b3d-05eb-429a-bd1f-a27e0cf4fef1]German content[/subcontainer]

I hope this - admittedly rather short - explanation helps you. See you next time!

This is the global article content

Just for showing.

Davina or Susanne

Hi, I'm Susanne, but I'm better known as Davina. I'm a 35 year old worldbuilder, writer, roleplayer and chaotic person from Germany.

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