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I always come back to my worlds. Be it because something particularly pleases, inspires or annoys me. When writing and building worlds, I can process my impressions and transform them into something that brings me joy. Worldanvil has become my home for my worlds in the last two years, and with Askadia there is now the "in-between", the entrance hall if you like.

Locations - Characters - Stories

For me, words and stories always had magic that the medium of film could never achieve. That's probably why I started to deal with the construction of the world. But at some point, the desire arises to make what you do look pretty - and that's what Worldanvil and its exuberant variety of features are for.

And because you either want to make your world look pretty yourself, want to learn about my methods or maybe read further stories, we are here. On a site that is a half-world, half author's view and half playground. Here I try to pass on what I have learned and hope that it is helpful.

What I write

Mainly I am at home in the genres Magipunk, Cyberpunk and Gothic. In these genres, I write adventures for roleplaying games and short stories, because the mammoth task novel has scared me quite a lot so far.

Accordingly, my worlds are also located in these genres and are intended for both short stories and roleplaying games. In most cases, I have tried to keep the whole thing system neutral, but if you plan to play within the settings, Chronicles of Darkness and E.Lite are a good choice.

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Davina or Susanne

Hi, I'm Susanne, but I'm better known as Davina. I'm a 35 year old worldbuilder, writer, roleplayer and chaotic person from Germany.


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